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      Our straight line drawing machine applies advanced international technology, with digestion and absorption, the drawing machine is applicable for high intensity and performance demand. It mainly applied for the production of steel curtain wire, tyre steel wire, steel wire for rope, spring steel wire, stainless steel wire, gas welding wire, arc welding wire, etc. The capstan diameter of the series products is φ350-φ1200mm with maximum inlet diameter of φ14mm and minimum outlet diameter of 0.7mm.
      The equipment line drawing machine contains the function of human-machine dialogue, over-temperature protection for motor, alarm for abnormal water pressure, fault display, etc. Its transmission structure is plane double enveloping worm wheel+ narrow V band with low noise. The capstan applies the combination of narrow water cooling and air cooling with good cooling effect. AC variable-frequency and Siemens PLC is used for speed adjustment. Generally, it is an kind of efficient and advanced drawing machine equipment with easy operation, high degree of automation and broad process scope.

      Items Unit LZ9-12/1200 LZ10/800 LZ9/700 LZ10/560 LZ10/400
      Diameter of capstan mm 1200-900 800 700 560(600) 400(500)
      Drawing dies time 9-12 10 9 10 10
      Max diameter of inlet wire mm φ14-18 φ10-8 φ8-6.5 φ6.5-5.5 φ3.5-2.5
      Min diameter of outlet wire Mm φ5-3 φ4-2.5 φ3-2.5 φ2-1.8 φ1.1-0.8
      Drawing line speed m/min 300 360 480 720 840
      Loading capacity Mpa ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300
      Total compression rate % 87.24-92.89 90.53-90.23 85.94-85.21 90.53-89.29 90.12
      Average compression rate % 20.45-19.58 21.00-20.75 19.58-19.13 21.00-20.02 20.5
      Motor power Kw 110-90 90-55 75-55 37-22 15-7.5
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