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      1.Usage: This equipment is drawing a low, medium and high carbon steel is the ideal equipment, but also drawing copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metal and alloy wire, widely used in wire and cable, building components, galvanized iron wire, metal net, nail factories, mines and other drawing purposes.
      2.Structure: The equipment consists of main reduction box, die box, roller frame, frame and electrical lines from the control system, etc.. Roll each drawing by JZT series or Y series motor rotation by the gear coupling two different gear ratio of the cylinder, so that rotating drum work, drawing drum for the vertical, installed on the cover of the box, gears lubricated with oil immersion. Drum wall cooling equipment to reduce the transmission line wire drawing rolls after the remnants of the surface of the heat. The machine can be achieved to move the linkage,in the operating position in front of the reel, equipment security parking agency.

      Model LW-1-6/560 LW-1-7/450 LW-1-6/350
      Strength of the material drawn δb≥110kg/mm²以上 128kg/mm² δb≥140kg/mm²
      Max wire diameter 6.5mm 3.4mm 2.5mm
      Min outlet diameter 2mm 1mm 0.75mm
      Drawing dies 1-6 1-7 1-6
      Diameter of capstan /560 /450 /350
      Average compression ratio 30%左右 20%左右 21%左右
      The total compression ratio 78-88.5%左右 77.90% 78%左右
      Finished max speed reel 245m/min 346.9m/min 200m/min
      Motor power 18.5-30kw 7.5-11kw 7.5-11kw
      Equipment total(about) 2000kg 1500kg 1000kg
      Dimensions 1700×1150×1750mm 1520×810×1700mm 1400×800×1500mm
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